About Ali Asgar

3 I born in 1991 at the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka. I grew up in a nuclear family with my mom and dad. I finished my high school from Dhaka and after my high school, I had to decide on what subject to undertake for my higher studies. In order to do something different, I decided […] Continue reading →

Rachèl Beaujolie – Andre

Rachel-17-1024x883 Rachèl Beaujolie – Andre The Netherlands – Amsterdam Rachèl Beaujolie is a very popular performer and works as hostess and singer at different bars in the Netherlands.   Drag Queens of the World is an international research project, combining art and anthropology. Its unique in its scope: We met, interviewed and photographed drag queens from […] Continue reading →

Eva Vraeghe – Hans

drag queen Amsterdam Eva Vraeghe – Hans The Netherlands – Amsterdam   Hans has studied classical theatre since he was 3 years old, and views drag as an art form where he truly transforms into another person. Eva started off as a beauty drag queen, but one day, she let herself loose and started to create and wear […] Continue reading →

Sympathy Bucket

drag queen amsterdam Sympathy Bucket The Netherlands – Amsterdam   Originally from the US, Sympathy is an internationally know drag queen who has travelled the world, and currently resides in Amsterdam, where she is known for her popular Drag Queen Bingo.   Drag Queens of the World is an international research project, combining art and anthropology. Its unique […] Continue reading →

Victoria False – Ger

Victoria False and Ger by Martijn Crowe Victoria False – Ger The Netherlands – Amsterdam After not doing drag for more than ten years, Ger did put on the wig again, and Victoria False was born. She is an amazing singer who performs in various venues of Amsterdam, and grandmother of many young drag queens.   Drag Queens of the World is […] Continue reading →

Monsieur Plastique – Paul

Portrait Monsieur Plastique by Martijn Crowe Monsieur Plastique – Paul The Netherlands – Groningen/Amsterdam   Originally from a small town in Noord-Holland, Paul became a phenomena in the club world of Amsterdam, noticed for his joy for dancing and outrageous outfits. Almost by change, he became a DJ and a performance artist, which is how Monsieur Plastique was born. Together with […] Continue reading →