A Night in the Life: A Queen on the Scene

“GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Where is your music? Put it on my desk!” instructs Lily White, show director and emcee for tonight’s drag show at Town House in St. Paul.

“I put my music on the stove,” responds a quick-witted Camille Collins, a drag queen putting on her makeup in front of a floor-length mirror.

“We don’t have a stove,” Lily says, and the room, filled with half a dozen performers, erupts with laughter.

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About Team of the world
We work to show the people and lives that society tries to hide. We work with homeless people, dragqueens, elderly with Alzheimer and adolescents in poor circumstances. Martijn Crowe is an artist and professor in Anthropology. His work and art is visible at www.thefaketory.org

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