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Book “Drag Queens of the World”

Different Cultures, Different Drag Queens

 Different countries, different cultures, different Drag Queens.. Drag Queens are entertainers that create a world of glitter and glamour.. Our project shows a great diversity in the appearance and the motivations to dress as drag.. Do you want to know more about this great diversity? YOU can make the book Drag Queens of the World […] Continue reading →

Make diversity visible!

Yesterday late at night we started our crowdfunding campaign for the book “Drag Queens of the World” and we can already see positive results! If the first hours of the campaign were so successful we  strongly believe that with so many fans and followers we will reach our goal and the book will become the reality. […] Continue reading →

Crowdfunding Video

 Our crowdfunding campaign starts on the 1st of April, but already today you can get a glimpse of our experiences. Interviews, photos, research, transformation diversity and many other issues will be included in our book “Drag  queens of the World”. So spread the word and share this video! Continue reading →

“Drag Queens of the World”

Do you want to know more about the drag queens all over the world? Do you want to “meet” the real drag queens from Brazil, Thailand, Bolivia, Holland, US and China? Do you want to see how they look before and after the transformation? If yes, then the 1st of April is the date when […] Continue reading →

The book “Drag Queens of the World “

The 1st of April, we start a crowdfunding campaign to make a book about the Drag Queens of the World. Please help us spread the word to all your friends, so the fabulous book can become reality. Here is a little glimpse behind the scenes in the making of the book… “Drag Queens of the […] Continue reading →