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Gender Blending by Nick Hynan

Drag and dressing up have long played an important role in the sexual counter culture. From cross-dressing male prostitutes in 19th century ‘molly houses’ to Lady Gaga’s alter ego Joe Caldrone, men and women have mixed dressing up, making up and style to help define their sexuality, parody ‘normal’ society and simply wrong-foot people’s assumptions […] Continue reading →

Bolivian drag: Juána

Juána is a classic dragqueen, or in Bolivian terms a Chola morenada. In his outfits and dancing he performs ancient Bolivian cultural rites. All festivals and carnavals in Bolivia he is there and dances with other men and women. He loves the dancing and is very proud that he can do this. Photography by Martijn […] Continue reading →

Style confessions of a Drag Queen.

I’ve dragged these pictures kicking and screaming from the archives. They were taken way back when I started doing photography. However the interview was done earlier this week. The drag queen in question is the fabulous Cherry Lane… 10 thing that inspire you outlandish outfits. Grace Jones, Marylin Manson, a car crash on crack, punk […] Continue reading →