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Olivia Jones

Jack of all trades and glamour queen from Hamburg, Germany. Olivia removes the dust of Germany’s image and messes things up. Fun is guaranteed where she is. It started in 1997 when she had her breakthrough as ‘Miss Drag Queen of the World’ at the contest in Miami. Since then she’s become more and more […] Continue reading →

Drag out the past 3

Family portrait – early 20th Century  Sir Edwin and Lady Amanda Coathanger-Bovey knew that one day, their son and heir would finally go one step too far . . . they simply had no idea that Rupert was to behave in such a fashion at the photographer’s studio. But what could they possibly do about […] Continue reading →

How to do Drag Queen makeup

Dressing as a drag queen is all about making a statement. Heavy makeup, dramatic hair and outrageous outfits are necessary if you’re going to be a drag queen. 1. Shave any facial hair. Be careful not to nick yourself. 2. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your skin and allow it to absorb for approximately 10 […] Continue reading →

Proudly Pink in Cape Town at Pride 2012

Miss Lola Fine – representative of the Gay Flag SA and the “most photographed Pink icon in South Africa”. Some dazzling costumes were also showcased, portraying the creativity that led to Cape Town being selected as World Design Capital 2014, and there was fierce competition for the unofficial title of best-dressed drag queen! To see […] Continue reading →