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Indonesian Drag Queen Superhero Fights for Minorities in ‘Madame X’

Outside of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, it’s really quite rare to see a superhero film in which any costumed crusader pursues an explicitly progressive agenda. The consensus amongst genre academics is that introducing realistic politics of any kind into a capes-and-tights stories inevitably leads to a discussion of fascism, as demonstrated by such […] Continue reading →

Transformers 4

Millenium C. Snow This costume, a pink version of the alien opera singer’s getup from the 1997 science-fiction movie The Fifth Element, is just one of DaJuan Gee’s over-the-top outfits. Gee, a seamstress, has also made a ten-foot snake costume and a take on Katy Perry’s alien outfit from the “E.T.” music video. Gee, whose […] Continue reading →

Maxi Shield

Drag queen, activist and icon, Maxi Shield is keeping her craft old school – and Sydney’s a better place for it Maxi Shield is the type of gal you can depend on, even on a heavy day. Perched above that perfectly styled synthetic hair that frames her face, Shield wears a myriad of hats: performer […] Continue reading →