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Winner of the book: DRAGQUEENS OF THE WORLD

Congratulations Marilyn! You are the winner of our competition The winner has been selected randomly from the most liked photo (Rachèl BeauJolie). We hope that you enjoy the book Drag Queens of the world! Photos by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Stick up for it and donate now!

 Amsterdam Drag Queen Miss Didi Licious has a special message for you: “Stick up for it and donate now!”.  Didi is one of the many Drag Queens that have been featured in our worldwide project. You can contribute to the finalization of it: The making of the book Drag Queens of the World. Want to […] Continue reading →

Jennifer Hopelezz and Richard

 Meet Jennifer Hopelezz, also known as J. Ho, also known as Richard. J. Ho gathered a family, the House of Hopelezz, with many free minded artists, and together they liberate the streets and nights of Amsterdam. The mastermind behind the dragolympics, the Hookerball at Club Church and supporter of everyone being there complete colourfull selves. […] Continue reading →

Darla Davina and Maarten

drag queen Amsterdam Drag artist Darla Davina is an expert in handbag reading, and designs her own outfits. As Maarten works as a clown for elderly people and in the theater, Darla works her magic elsewhere. Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Portrait Victoria False

drag queen amsterdam Many years Ger Poels has been doing drag performances, singing as Bette Midler for many years. Now since some years, Victoria False is born, and she is performing and singing as a true diva. Ger is keeping a beautifull collection of drag queens and kings. Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →