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Drag Asia

Meghna Chowdchury. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Meghna Chowdchury is the female character Robin created to enact what he feels inside. Talking to me he said “I look like a man, a boy, but I feel like you, a woman, I think like you, I would like to gossip hours, and do girly things. Would I like to be a woman? I […] Continue reading →

Aamir Khan to play drag queen on TV screens

Mumbai, Mar 23 (IBNS): Actor Aamir Khan surprises his fans again, this time in a pink salwar kameez, full make-up, a bra and a wig, for a Tata Sky commercial. The perfectionist Khan, was first seen in drag in a cabaret song in his 1995 movie Baazi, ‘Dole Dole Dil Dole’, where he shocked the […] Continue reading →

Gay and out in China

Xiao Cao, a 57-year-old gay man, performs at Manxi park in Shanghai April 8, 2012. China’s gay community has long been on the edges of society but it is gradually becoming more accepted. Cao, who is an unemployed drag queen, is one whose life lifts the curtain on a less romanticised view of Chinese homosexuals. […] Continue reading →