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Drag Queen Jolene De Palma Makes Her Big Debut

The art of drag predates recorded history. One can imagine primitive cave gays slipping on their finest lady animal pelts, sipping cave cosmos and lip-synching along to Madonna (who also predates recorded history) while their counterparts whooped and tossed them clamshells or beads or whatever passed for tips back then. Cross-dressing is no new phenomenon […] Continue reading →

Drag Queen underworld in China soliciting tolerance

Drag Queen underworld in China soliciting tolerance Compared to our Southeast Asian neighbors, she-males and flamboyant drag queens are a rarity in China. Though this month, you may see them on film and with footage that challenges the mainstream acceptance of China’s attitude on transvestites and homosexuality. Click here to see and read more Continue reading →

Shanghai’s Drag Queens Take the Stage

Drenched in neon light, about 300 men packed into the grimy Lai Lai Dance Hall in the Northeastern part of Shanghai—but even in the crowd, it was impossible to miss Alysa. The petite drag queen strutted to the middle of the floor in a pin-straight pink wig, a strapless wedding gown and a pair of […] Continue reading →

Gay and out in China

Xiao Cao, a 57-year-old gay man, performs at Manxi park in Shanghai April 8, 2012. China’s gay community has long been on the edges of society but it is gradually becoming more accepted. Cao, who is an unemployed drag queen, is one whose life lifts the curtain on a less romanticised view of Chinese homosexuals. […] Continue reading →