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M’Lady Upeercrust

 M’Lady is an NYC based drag entertainer.  She has been performing in NYC since 2010.  She was introduced as a regular guest performer in the burlesque show “Meaner, Harder, Leather”.  She went on to host her own drag variety show “The Diva Buffet”.  She then had the privilege of portraying Barbara Streisand in a tribute […] Continue reading →

The Evil (Drag) Queen

“Drag isn’t really a choice I consciously made. To me it’s the personification of my feminine side. It’s an artistic expression.” “My story has been tumultuous. I was bullied as a child, my parents split up when I was six, and I never felt like I fit in. High school was extremely helpful for me as […] Continue reading →

QOTA at Passyunk’s Singing Fountain

On Sunday, gays, drag queens and even one celebrity chef flooded onto East Passyunk Avenue for the September iteration of QOTA. Aversa PR founder Kory Aversa, who’s in charge of promoting lots of events on East Passyunk Avenue, told me that there were around 200 to 300 people in attendance. To see more click here […] Continue reading →

Style confessions of a Drag Queen.

I’ve dragged these pictures kicking and screaming from the archives. They were taken way back when I started doing photography. However the interview was done earlier this week. The drag queen in question is the fabulous Cherry Lane… 10 thing that inspire you outlandish outfits. Grace Jones, Marylin Manson, a car crash on crack, punk […] Continue reading →