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Transformers 4

Millenium C. Snow This costume, a pink version of the alien opera singer’s getup from the 1997 science-fiction movie The Fifth Element, is just one of DaJuan Gee’s over-the-top outfits. Gee, a seamstress, has also made a ten-foot snake costume and a take on Katy Perry’s alien outfit from the “E.T.” music video. Gee, whose […] Continue reading →

Drag Queen Shows in Dallas

Posted by Jonathan Joyner | Published on December 8, 2012 RuPaul’s Drag Race has nothing to do with automobiles or motorcycles. The drag they’re talking about comes from the days of Shakespearean plays when all the actors were men. Female parts were played by young men. During the practices and performances, notations of “Dr.A.G.” meaning […] Continue reading →