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Bolivian drag: Juána

Juána is a classic dragqueen, or in Bolivian terms a Chola morenada. In his outfits and dancing he performs ancient Bolivian cultural rites. All festivals and carnavals in Bolivia he is there and dances with other men and women. He loves the dancing and is very proud that he can do this. Photography by Martijn […] Continue reading →

Portrait Dayana Nicole

Dayana Nicole is one of the dragqueens in Bolivia who are specialized in becoming a “Chola Morenada”, a woman in folklore clothing who dances traditional dances at religious festivals all through Bolivia. Photography by Martijn Crowe Do you know or are an amazing original drag artist who should be featured here? Let us know […] Continue reading →

David and Danna Galan

Danna Galan is the most famous Bolivian dragqueen. In 20 years she constituted a family of 60 members, who work together in La Paz and around. As David, he works with the ministery of culture and just released a book on the history of drag and transvestites in Bolivia: “La China Morena.” In this book […] Continue reading →