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Victoria Vipper

Drag queen Sao Paulo Victoria Vipper is one of many drag queens in São Paulo. She is to be seen in most of the downtown night clubs, performing so-called ‘bate cabello’ (slapping with the hair) and participates in Beauty Pageants all over Brazil. Victor is a tele-marketeer in daily life. Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Divina Aloma

Drag Queen transgender Sao Paulo   This beauty is 63 years old and has been using hormons since he was 14 years old. When he was 19, he travelled to Europe as a showgirl, and stayed there for 9 years. Now she does shows in Sao Paulo. Photography by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →

Drag Brazil: Beatriz Uber

drag queen brazil One of the newest stars on the Brazilian Drag Firmament is Beatriz Uber aka Gilmar. During the day he is working in his home town, a small city 30 miles from Sao Paulo. But in the weekend he transforms into Beatriz Uber, helped by his husband, make up artist Antonio. His carreer started as a […] Continue reading →

Drag venue – BLUE SPACE, São Paulo

 Blue Space is one of the largest gay nightclubs in São Paulo and located in a huge colonial blue house in an old industrial neighborhood. Every Saturday and Sunday, two dance floors and four bars, along with several lounges and private rooms, fill with a large gay crowd to check out the go-go-boys and drag […] Continue reading →