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I take my time to look beautiful

Dona Margarida is 69 years old, and has worked as a supervisor in commercial research. For this work she traveled around Brazil a lot, she also traveled in Europe and lived in Italy for 6 months. She was married to a psychologist, and never had children, which she really wanted. Dona Margarida Said she feels […] Continue reading →

Alberto aka Dannah Ferrer

We met Alberto in Bolivia, at the LTGB center in Santa Cruz, where he volunteers and travels through Bolivia to give courses in sex education and the importance of prevention in HIV. At the beginning it was very hard to believe that this shy and quite boy can transform himself into a drag queen. But […] Continue reading →

Sabryna Shine – Kaio

Sabryna Shine – Kaio Brazil – Sao Paulo Being a drag queen is hard work, and in Sao Paulo, drag performances are important means to earn money both for the performers and for the venues. Sabryna Shine, no older than 19, is known in this world for being an amazing dancer.   Drag Queens of […] Continue reading →

Thank you darling!

A fierce “thank you” to everyone who has contributed to our crowdfunding!  Your contribution is invaluable towards our goal to print the book Drag Queens of the World and make diversity visible. Here are our fabulous contributors: Jenny Sandmo Ellefsen Ragnhild Margrethe Berge Barbara Neidhofer Carlos de Oliveira Rutger van Oorschot Marius S. Bakker Elodie […] Continue reading →

Drag Queens of the World – choose yourself!

Now YOU can choose your favourite drags for the publication in the book Dragqueens of the World, and win a copy of the very first release of the book! It is simple: 1. Pick your 10 favourite photos here: 2. Star-mark them and leave a comment. If you do not have a Flickr-account, you […] Continue reading →