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Boys of Bangladesh

By Sabya van Elswijk We are invited to meet with the director of Boys of Bangladesh, a network of gay people in Dhaka. Arriving at his place, human rights activist Tanvir Alim welcomes us and explains that they use apartments as informal meeting places. There are many volunteers; all of them spend time on Boys of […] Continue reading →

Drag queen makeup – How to

My first ever attempt at drag makeup. I didn’t glue my eyebrows down properly (the glue clumped up) so the eyeshadow is weird. This time I really focused on getting my cheeks right. I pulled them up a lot higher and really focused on the highlighting on my cheekbones and around my eyes. Attempt 6 – […] Continue reading →

Gay Havana tastes freedom

HAVANA, CUBA—We arrive before midnight. My local friend walks two blocks in front of me to avoid arousing police suspicion that he could be a straight hustler. Our destination is a bar called Habaneciendo, where the marquee advertises, “Estrellita Jaime Jimenez.” It’s early for a night out, even on a Tuesday. Eventually gay Cuban men […] Continue reading →

SWAGG MACHINE – Drag Queen Makeup

I got super dragged out for a party last night– I guess I was inspired by the crazy drag race weekend the week before! It’s hard to tell on my crummy webcam, but I even contoured my face with creme foundation like a real drag queen, instead of powder which is more typical. It felt […] Continue reading →

How to make a drag queen

The Globe and Mail joined Adams, 27, in his dressing room at the Princess of Wales as he was transformed over the course of 30 minutes into his female alter ego for the first time Ben Moir, an associate makeup designer who has been with the show since it premiered in Sydney in 2006, begins […] Continue reading →