Lebanese Drag Queen – Bassem Feghali

Lebanese Drag QueenBassem Feghali is the most famous female impersonator in the Arab World.

Bassem Feghali is a genuinely talented Lebanese drag queen. He excels mostly in recreating legendary Arab female singers such as Sabaah, Fairouz, Samira Tawfik…but also more contemporary pop divas like Haifa Wehbe , Nawal El Zoghby, Elissa, Nancy Ajram and even the internationally acclaimed Latin star Shakira. Bassem also does an excellent impersonation of Lebanese yoga master Mariam Nour. Not only does Bassem Feghali dress and act like them for the purpose of entertaining the public, but he also skillfully adopts their exact voice timbre to create perfect doubles!

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We work to show the people and lives that society tries to hide. We work with homeless people, dragqueens, elderly with Alzheimer and adolescents in poor circumstances. Martijn Crowe is an artist and professor in Anthropology. His work and art is visible at www.thefaketory.org

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