Like a Boy: Male Impersonators and the Lesser Known World of Drag Kings

These days, even though most people can’t name a drag queen other than RuPaul, the world of drag queens and female impersonators has experienced increased exposure in popular culture, most notably due to RuPaul’s Drag Race, a show on MTV Logo (a network exclusively dedicated to LGBT-themed programming) now in it’s 4th season.
The same is not true for drag kings i.e. those who perform and play with masculinity, through clothing, acting, and singing. Even within LGBT spaces, drag kings are not as recognized as drag queens.

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About Team of the world
We work to show the people and lives that society tries to hide. We work with homeless people, dragqueens, elderly with Alzheimer and adolescents in poor circumstances. Martijn Crowe is an artist and professor in Anthropology. His work and art is visible at

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