Successful Beginning

On Monday we started our campaign and we are very excited to share everything with you! We have already received media attention from different countries ranging from Norway to Mexico. It shows that “Drag queens of the world” is a large-scale project encompassing the whole world! More and more people are contributing to our project […] Continue reading →

Make diversity visible!

Yesterday late at night we started our crowdfunding campaign for the book “Drag Queens of the World” and we can already see positive results! If the first hours of the campaign were so successful we  strongly believe that with so many fans and followers we will reach our goal and the book will become the reality. […] Continue reading →

Martijn Crowe talks about Drag Queens of the World at Imperfectu – International Film and Gender Festival

Next Saturday, 5th of April, Martijn Crowe, the artistic director behind the project Drag Queens of the World, will give a talk named “Transformations and Exaggerations” at Imperfectu – International Film and Gender Festival in Tijuana, Mexico. “If there is at least one gay in a town, there will be a gay bar. If there […] Continue reading →

Crowdfunding Video

Our crowdfunding campaign starts on the 1st of April, but already today you can get a glimpse of our experiences. Interviews, photos, research, transformation diversity and many other issues will be included in our book “Drag  queens of the World”. So spread the word and share this video! Continue reading →

Artistic and anthropological project

Martijn Crowe  started the project “Drag Queens of the World” from an interest in the transformation men go through when they dress up as a drag queen. “We made studio photos of them before and after their transformation, we interviewed them, we went to their clubs”, says Martijn. “We found that all Drag Queens are entertainers […] Continue reading →

Danna Galan

drag queen bolivia           Danna Galan is the most famous Bolivian drag queen. In 20 years she constituted a family of 60 members who work together in La Paz and around. As David, he works with the ministry of culture and just released a book on the history of drag and transvestites in Bolivia: […] Continue reading →