Kyrah Uber – Lucas

drag queen Sao Paulo Kyrah Uber – Lucas Brazil – Sao Paulo When we met Lucas, he was only a 17 years old high school student, but already performing in all the drag bars in the city, being known as a great drag queen beauty.   Drag Queens of the World is an international research project, combining art and […] Continue reading →

Sabryna Shine – Kaio

Sabryna Shine – Kaio Brazil – Sao Paulo Being a drag queen is hard work, and in Sao Paulo, drag performances are important means to earn money both for the performers and for the venues. Sabryna Shine, no older than 19, is known in this world for being an amazing dancer.   Drag Queens of […] Continue reading →

Beatriz Über – Gilmar

drag queen brazil Beatriz Über – Gilmar Brazil – Sao Paulo   Gilmar’s drag career started as a joke, when a group of friends decided to join a drag contest. Drag contests are common many places in the world, and one can get prices for best makeup, best dancing etc., but also skills like handbag-throwing and gossiping are […] Continue reading →

The Kardashian Ferrer family

dragqueens bolivia The Kardashian Ferrer family Bolivia – Santa Cruz de la Sierra   In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia’s second biggest city, we were looking forward to get to know the drag scene. The first person we asked at the LTGB centre, turned out to be the head of the Kardashian Ferrer drag family. One […] Continue reading →

Dayana Nicole – David

dragqueen bolivia Dayana Nicole – David Bolivia – Santa Cruz de la Sierra   Dayana Nicole is one of the dragqueens in Bolivia who are specialized in becoming a “Chola Morenada”, a woman in folklore clothing who dances traditional dances at religious festivals all through Bolivia. “I am David and I am a young transformista, my female […] Continue reading →

Danna Galan – David

drag queen Bolivia   Danna Galan – David Bolivia – Ciudad La Paz   Danna Galan is the most famous Bolivian drag queen. As David, he lives with his partner Guido, works with the Bolivian ministry of Culture and a national broadcasting company, and he is the leader of the national LGBT association. Danna is the mother in […] Continue reading →

Dannah Kardashian Ferrer – Alberto.

Dannah Kardashian Ferrer – Alberto. Bolivia – Santa Cruz de la Sierra   We met Alberto through the LTGB organization in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. In daily life Alberto works in a hospital laboratory, and he is a volunteer who travels through Bolivia to give courses in sex education and the importance of prevention […] Continue reading →

BLIKK magazine

Drag Queens of the World has been featured in the maganize BLIKK- the only printed gay magazine in Norway. The project Drag Queens of the World is attracting international media attention. DQOTW was born with the objective to spread  photos, interviews and an anthropological research about Drag Queens from all over the world, the very […] Continue reading →

Winner of the book: DRAGQUEENS OF THE WORLD

Congratulations Marilyn! You are the winner of our competition The winner has been selected randomly from the most liked photo (Rachèl BeauJolie). We hope that you enjoy the book Drag Queens of the world! Photos by Martijn Crowe Continue reading →