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Drag History Diva-Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce was one of the 20th century’s foremost female impersonators and drag, and a pioneer if you will, for future drag queens. Charles was particularly noted for his impersonation of Bette Davis which got him famous in the cities around the world. Born in Watertown, New York, he began his show business career playing […] Continue reading →

Drag Dad

A documentary about a six year old boy named Jeremiah and his father, the drag queen superstar Tyra Sanchez. ABOUT THE FILM “Having Jeremiah when I was 17 saved my life.” -James William Ross, IV (aka Tyra Sanchez) Drag Dad is an independent documentary project about a six year old boy named Jeremiah and his […] Continue reading →

A brief history of drag

Here at The Queer Sphere we’re interested in all aspects of gay culture so inspired by the BettaKultcha presentation by Martin Carter (or Maria Millionaire if you prefer, the brunette, right) we thought we’d ask him to take us through the history of drag as well as put the spotlight on some of the drag […] Continue reading →