Gender isn’t clear-cut for Michael Folks. “I’ve always been very transy,” he says. “I’ll go out and bounce around town as a girl.” His drag name is Sarah Lee Garrett. Most of his friends call him Sarah “because most of my friends are drags,” he says. At one point, he was actively pursuing a sex change, but he has decided against it. Folks, a 34-year-old operations research analyst, considers himself a socialite in the drag community rather than a performer.

On drag: “There’s lots of different reasons why people do drag. It’s a community in which I feel like I can be me at my best. I don’t have to pretend to be anything I’m not. I can be really beautiful in a feminine way, and I don’t have to run around saying, ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ I’m just me.”

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We work to show the people and lives that society tries to hide. We work with homeless people, dragqueens, elderly with Alzheimer and adolescents in poor circumstances. Martijn Crowe is an artist and professor in Anthropology. His work and art is visible at

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