maddy-milan-philadelphia-drag-queenThe first time I saw Maddy Milan (aka the quite dashing Michael Meyers), she was performing on a makeshift wooden stage at Tabu. She was dripping in diamonds, her hair was coifed like one of the fanciest Mad Men brunettes and she was strumming a toy guitar to some sweet little Dolly tune. The queen — some kind of Wanda Jackson-Joan Collins hybrid — did seem to be a little off-her-rocker, though. She just stood in the middle of the stage, eyes a little blank, head tick-tocking side to side like a Bobblehead on Xanax. Actually, come to think of it, she probably was on something, because as the song went on she started to disrobe to reveal a full-body nylon suit equipped with the droopiest boobs this side of the new LGBT Senior Housing Complex. She just stood there, swinging those puppies all over the place.

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