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Bolivian drag: Júan and Júana

drag queen bolivia   Juán Cabrera Honor   Juán is 29 years old and was born in the little city of Santa Gaez. At 12 he discovered he was gay and had his first relationship. From that moment he wanted to move to the big city Santa Cruz de la Sierra, because there was more freedom there and […] Continue reading →

Drag Bolivia: portrait Ninon

drag bolivia                                       Ninon, one of the first drag queens in Bolivia, has a very similar presence as a man and a drag. Many Queens change their appearance, and even more their presence, but not Ninon. Ninon studied to […] Continue reading →

Drag Bolivia: Luis and Donattela Kardashian

   Donatella is part of the Kardashian Ferrer drag family in Santa Cruz, a family of young gays that help and motivate eachother. Together with friends they design their make up and clothing. They produce dance shows on big events, and help show the still closed catholic community their boundary crossing identities. We applaud them […] Continue reading →

Drag Bolivia: Dannah Galan portrait

 Danna Galan is the most famous Bolivian dragqueen. In 20 years she constituted a family of 60 members, who work together in La Paz and around. As David, he works with the ministery of culture and just released a book on the history of drag and transvestites in Bolivia: “La China Morena.” In this book […] Continue reading →

Drag Bolivia: portrait of Ninon

 Ninon is one of the first drags in Bolivia. In the seventies, Victor Hugo started to go out with the more influential gay rights activists in La Paz, Bolivia. They did not only contributed to gay rights through their manifests, but also gave an impulse to Bolivian culture through their use of traditional female costumes […] Continue reading →