We have just finished our crowdfunding campaign and we would like to say “Thank You” to all the international media that supported us in spreading the word about our project, about drag queens and about diversity in the world.

On of the first websites that noticed us and shared our campaign was Drag Queen World’s Weblog. We want to share the whole article with you.



Drag Queens of the world by Amsterdam art studio The Faketory is a worldwide artistic and anthropological research about the phenomen of Drag Queens. The project is now in its final phase: The publication of a book. A crowdfunding campaign has just started, so interested people from all over the world can contribute in making the book a reality.
“The project started from an interest in the transformation men go through when they dress up as drag queens”, says Martijn Crowe, artistic director of The Faketory. “Becoming a drag queen is more than to become like a woman: They become larger than life.”
The international scope of the project is unique: Crowe and his team went from Phnom Penn to Sao Paulo, from La Paz to Amsterdam, to meet more than 40 Drag Queens in person.
“We made studio photos of them before and after their transformation, we interviewed them, we went to their clubs”, says Crowe. “We found that all Drag Queens are entertainers that create a world of glitter and glamour, but our project also shows a great diversity in the appearance and the motivations to dress as drag. Bolivian Drag Queens are deeply rooted in the traditional culture, and their shows serve a political purpose, while in Cambodgia, Drag Queens dress up and dance as a part of their work as prostitutes”.
The goal of the project is to promote diversity world wide. “Our project is unique because we really portray the Drag Queens and the men behind the makeup. The combination of photos, interviews and background research gives the Drag Queens a voice as persons. We are looking forward to give the world a glimpse behind the wigs and the glitter when we publish our book with the highest quality of design”, Crowe concludes.
You can contribute to the crowdfunding at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drag-queens-of-the-world, and follow the project on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dragqueensoftheworld, and on the website www.dragqueens-oftheworld.com/ .



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