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Join us!

A network of various people is active for Dragqueens of the World, and you are very welcome to join us in any way you can.


Of course there simply is money needed to do the work we do, and to start projects for dragqueens all over the world. If you can support this financially, you can press the Support Dragqueens button on our homepage.

Buy our work
You can by prints of all our photos, just let us know which one you want to order by email. All the money we get this way is put into improving the lifes of the dragqueens.

One of the main goals of Dragqueens of the World is to make them visible to the world. To realize this publicity is needed. A simple way to help is to put a link to our website on your weblog, forum, website, newsletter or Facebook/LinkedIn page. If you have access to printed media it is great to publish an article in any form. Another form of publicity is the exhibition of the portraits we make of dragqueens.


2 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. I absolutely loved viewing all the pictures you have posted here. Such beauty lies within every Drag Queen, young and old. There is a for certain and unique courage that cannot be found in other people. I first dressed complete at the age of 11 and stayed in the house hidden from view in fear of getting my ass kicked by my Mother or anyone else. But by the age of 15 I was tired of hiding my secret and one day got really dressed up complete with full makeup, nails painted bright red, my hair (which was all the way down to the middle of my back) spritzed and teased out and sprayed to stay, my lace shirt and cropped leather jacket, my sisters very short leather skirt and a pair of 5″ platform heels I broke free of the confinements of home and went out in public for the first time. I loved the looks and stares from everyone especially the guy’s who wouldn’t take their eyes off me. I have never been a performer except for doing a occasional lip sync at our local gay bar’s. It is wonderful to be free and it’s my hope anyone else who is currently confined to “the secret” and hiding behind it will soon break free of it’s restraints and come join the wonderful world of Drag Queens united, for it is a joyous lifestyle and a freedom like no other. Nikki….

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