This Friday, we round off our crowdfunding campaign. You can still contribute to make the book Drag Queens of the World a reality. And your contribution is more than a contribution to the book – you contribute to the world by letting the world’s drag queens tell their story and making diversity visible. One of them is the story of Darom, a Cambodian Drag queen we met is a manager of the “2color” bar.
“I work here with my brother and we try to make this bar a big success. When I am not working, I am staying at home at my parents place and I take care of my little brothers and sisters”.
In his bar, we met a culture which is different from the one in Europe. In Cambodia the clubs we attended are in fact places were the sex tourist and the expat can find himself a prostitute. Most of the drag queens are prostitutes, doing the shows to attract extra attention. The dresses are more oriented to female impersonating than the extravagance and artistic values in Europe. Darom, his brother and the whole team in the bar were very enthusiastic about our project and all of them joined us for the photoshoot. See more photos of them and leave some dollars at . in Cambodia: Darom


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