Here on Dragqueens of the World we have met so many amazing drag artists, and we want to give you a more in-depth meeting with them. Our very first Queen in this serie will be Miss Didi Licious, who is internationally known and participated in the Dragqueens of the World project in Amsterdam.We from dragqueens of the world met Trannie Lennox and he/she told us about her life.

My journey until now has been like a light switch, on and off throughout the years. I started dressing up in the
90’s in high school. Throughout that decade, I performed and appeared many times at friends’ birthday parties and
the other crazy parties we had.

Details of my transformation: When I started out, I was all about the eyebrows. In high school my eyebrows were their own entity as I learned from my best friend as a teenager. On through the years I got better and my mom gave me tons of department store make-up to use so I used to use alot of waxy and yucky smelling make-up. as The new millenium arrived, my persona was ready to take a break after I was robbed and I entered college again. I decided in 2011 to do my homework, and study how to be the best. Now, every time I put on make-up I’m even better than the time before. That’s the part I love, there’s no limit to how creative I can be.

Inspiration/most proud of:
My biggest inspirations are those who have been notorious for being gender benders and of course my favorite divas.
Peter Burns of Dead or Alive is an extremely image based UK celebrity. His pretty-man persona is such a huge
inspiration to me.

Madonna has always been a huge goddess in my eyes as well.
Other inspirations I have include artists like Leigh Bowery, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Lady Bunny.
I’m most proud of my ability to improve as fast as I have in such a short time. I still impress myself when I put
my face on.

The direction I see myself going into the future is always going to be Bigger and Better. I say that as a theme
for myself. I tend to outdo myself on purpose each time I become Trannie Lennox. My future will be full of
performances, films, and videos that will lead to world domination.

My pet-peeves include annoying roomates, running out of room to put all my wigs, anything brown, people who have unrealistic expectations of me, rude and judgemental people who think they know what I should be like or not like,
and of course COUNTRY MUSIC.

I believe in myself as a unique personality. I can’t say the same for some of my peers in my city. My image is
not a definition of myself, but a simple blink in the never-ending whirlwind that is Trannie Lennox.

You are invited to see more of her on Facebook.

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